Stoicon-X New York!

What? You can’t make it to the annual Stoicon in Athens, on October 5th?

Well, that’s a dispreferred indifferent, of course. But you do have an alternative, if you live in New York City: Stoicon-X New York will take place on Thursday, September 19th, at the Society for Ethical Culture.

Join Massimo Pigliucci, author of the new “A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control,” Don Robertson, author of the new “How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius,” and Bill Irvine, author of the new “The Stoic Challenge: A Philosopher’s Guide to Becoming Tougher, Calmer, and More Resilient” for an exceptional triple feature event beginning at 6pm.


6:00pm – Welcome to Stoicon-X New York (Massimo Pigliucci)

6:10pm – Don Robertson: How to think like a Roman emperor

6:35pm: Q&A with Don

6:45pm – Bill Irvine: The Stoic challenge

7:10pm – Q&A with Bill

7:20pm – Massimo Pigliucci: How to thrive in a world out of your control

7:45pm – Q&A with Massimo

8:00pm – Book signing by the authors

(Event over by 8:30pm)

About the books:

“In an age that equates virtue with frenzies of outrage and denunciations of others’ failings, A Handbook for New Stoics serves as an inspired self-help cure that, with insight and sympathy, will nudge you in the direction of the happiness and equanimity born of strength of character and wisdom.”—Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, author of Plato at the Googleplex

“Robertson distills the emperor’s philosophy into useful mental habits…[he] displays a sound knowledge of Marcus’ life and thought…[his] accessible prose style contributes to its appeal…[the] book succeeds on its own terms, presenting a convincing case for the continuing relevance of an archetypal philosopher-king.” ―The Wall Street Journal

“Irvine is a warm and friendly Stoic, and one of the great guides through the subject. His congenial writing offers strategies for the anxiety-free, supple kind of sturdiness with which we should all be greeting ourselves and the world.” ―Derren Brown, mentalist, illusionist, and author of Happy

When: Thursday, 19 September 2019, at 6pm.

RSVP here.

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Massimo is the K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York. He blogs at and He is the author of How to Be a Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy to Live a Modern Life.

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