Meetup: ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Who is afraid of AI? Should we be? AI can make our lives more convenient and efficient, but there‚Äôs much to be concerned about from an ethical perspective - our privacy being the most obvious (are Alexa and Siri spying on us?) but also more subtle problems such as implicit biases in its designs that… Continue reading Meetup: ethics of Artificial Intelligence


Meetup: Can Stoics be billionaires?

Seneca was, by modern standards, a billionaire. And yet, he claimed that great wealth gets in the way of practicing virtue. Some people say that modern billionaires like Jeff Bezos of Amazon use "Stoic techniques" to increase their wealth. But does that make them Stoic? What, exactly, is the relationship between wealth and Stoicism? Suggested… Continue reading Meetup: Can Stoics be billionaires?