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My current blog, on general philosophy, philosophy of science, and Stoicism, at Patreon.

My Twitter feed, where I send out announcements of new essays and papers, as well as signal anything interesting that I’ve read recently

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My GoodReads author page, with books and discussion forums

How to Be a Stoic, my personal guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

My YouTube channel, with videos of my appearances, the 5-minute Philosopher, and more

My PhilPapers profile, where you will find links to my technical papers and public essays

My professional page at the City College of New York

Philosophy Day at CUNY-City College

My professional page at CUNY’s Graduate Center

The Footnotes to Plato archives: essays on philosophy, science, and a bunch of other stuff

The Scientia Salon archives: essays on philosophy, science, and all interesting things in between

The Rationally Speaking archives: my first blog, which run from August 2005 to March 2014

The first 132 episodes of the Rationally Speaking podcast, which I initially co-hosted