Here is a list of my favorite, freely available, essays on general philosophy that I have written over the years. Most recent on top.

Set your alarm clock (on the metaphysics and ethics of time) (New Philosopher)

Human Nature and the ethical life (Project Syndicate)

Diogenes the Cynic vs Elon Musk (IAI News)

Is there a universal morality? (The Evolution Institute)

The problem with scientism (APA Blog)

The case for more science and philosophy books for children (Nautilus)

Must science be testable? (Aeon)

When philosophy of science matters: pseudoscience, public health, and public policy (APA Blog)

Why do we need an extended evolutionary synthesis? (EES Blog)

The dangers of pseudoscience (New York Times)

Who knows what (on the relationship between the sciences and the humanities) (Aeon)