Here is a list of my favorite, freely available, essays on the theory and practice of Stoicism (apart from my archived blog, How to Be a Stoic) that I have written over the years. Most recent on top.

Marcus Aurelius — the Unemotional Stoic? (IAI News)

Human nature matters (Aeon)

How to live like a Stoic (New Philosopher)

Infidelity: a Stoic’s perspective (IAI News)

What the Stoics did for us (New Humanist)

When I help you, I also help myself: on being a cosmopolitan (Aeon)

Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee? The Stoics and Existentialists agree on the answer (IAI News)

Anger is temporary madness: the Stoics knew how to curb it (Aeon)

On the happy life (commentary on Seneca) (Aeon)

How a skeptic became a Stoic (Chronicle of Higher Education)

The best five books on Stoicism (Five Books)

Stoicism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

How to be a Stoic (New York Times)